Our system is a unique software complex for touch screen terminals with a wide range of capabilities.

          With the help of this system it is possible not only to receive reference information about the organizations located in the building (business center, state institution, malls, etc.), but also a universal advertising platform, which will be an excellent substitute for paper stands.



          It features an intuitively simple and laconic interface, as well as great functionality.

          A person will be able to find out the opening hours of the company, brief information about it, contact information, read promotional materials (video or text form) and much more.



  •  - Effective provision of information to the visitor through intuitive interface - Fast orientation in the territory of the business center or any other buildings
  •  - Optimize and improve the efficiency of the staff work, by obtaining the necessary information from the electronic consultant
  •  - Quick installation and configuration of the system with the help of our highly qualified specialists
  •  - 24-hour support service, as well as the "Hot Line".

Electronic help system for sensory information terminals. It serves for the prompt provision of reference information about installation sites. Used for info- kiosks, hotels, business centers, medical institutions, airports and other public places. Also easy adapts to the demonstration of advertisements and announcements. 


          This is high quality, excellent service and reliability of our products.

Our numerous clients have already seen this.

          If you are interested in the "Informer" system for touch screen kiosks, please contact us using the contact details provided on the website. Our experienced managers for working with clients as much as possible will answer all the questions interesting you and will tell you about the possibilities of cooperation.

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