Our company produces systems for payment of services and goods by bank card.You just need to buy a project, give it a name and create the brand identity.

          An example of a successful online paybox - MyPay: more than 200 payment services - from mobile phone payments to utility charges and charity. Payments can be made 24 hours a day from any gadget connected to the Internet.

          MyPay is an online paybox, where you can recharge your mobile phone, pay utility bills, fines for traffic rules violation, transfer money from card to card, and also buy a lot of other goods and services.

          To use MyPay, you need a Visa or Mastercard with sufficient the amount of money in your account for payment. Our service is available from the smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop and any other gadget connected to the Internet.

Why is it easy to use MyPay?

  1. A flexible system of rewards for registered users.
  2. Availability at any time in any place, if there is an Internet.
  3. Receipts and payment history is always available in your personal account.
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