Software Development — more than 6 years on the market!

Innovation, efficiency, simplicity, reliability — these are the four main criteria that have become fundamental for our company.

SGSOFT is a team of specialists for developing payment system software and sensing technologies. Since 2008 we have been creating software for payment terminals, banks, shops, online payboxes in the Internet. Narrow specialization has allowed to establish ourselves as professionals in this industry — we serve top 10 financial companies in Ukraine and 6 foreign partners.

Directions of SGSOFT activity:

  • Payment systems development for touch screen terminals
  • Creating of the online payment services in the Internet
  • Client-server solutions for the mass use (parking meters, parcel terminals, entry points to the stadiums, etc.).

обслуживается 50% клиентов


With SGSOFT cooperate Ukrainian and international banks, insurance companies, credit and other financial institutions. We are narrowly focused specialists and our goal is an improving and developing in a one field doing things in a big way.

We do not engage outside specialists to work. In spite of our competitors, we are working directly in the SGSOFT, from planning and coding to testing and debugging. It ensures the quality and integrity of the final product, because the close-knit team, a single «engine», works on it.

We guarantee the protection of customer information. Our work for you is always exclusive, and your data is used in strict confidentiality.

We also afford:


Development of interfaces for terminals


Interface development for Android and iOS


Database optimization


Installation and adaptation of new software on the technological basis of the client


Creating Access Control Systems


Development of corporate and intranet applications


Software for collecting and visualization of data and its analysis


Payment System development


10 years on the market, its own staff of talented and energetic employees working together as one, as well as excellent reputation and extensive experience in developing software of any complexity. We are always looking for new projects and promise to do all assigned tasks to make you satisfied with the result.